Tuesday, September 20, 2011

More Weird Stuff I Want: Optimal Video Game Freshness

Other items in the "weird stuff I want" category include things I think I can upcycle. If I can make this super cool, yet useless thing functional, then I will have won. I will NOT die buried under a pile of businessman trophies because I will have made them into a coat rack.

Although my craft room is overflowing with stuff like this, I have had a few successes. Take these beautiful powdery blue refrigerator crispers I found. Useless junk? Certainly not! I don’t know where I was storing my Nintendo games before these crispers came along.

On the infomercial, I’m sweaty and surrounded by piles of unruly video games. I throw my arms up in frustration: If only I had somewhere to store all these pesky games!

Ah. Much better.


  1. Super cute. Now Mario won't get ripe and stinky.

  2. i never would have thought of this. it's perfect.

  3. Thanks! Just glad I could find a use for these guys...